Our Classes at Keiki Cartwheels

Each week our students learn real gymnastics skills while having fun in our creative and age appropriate classes. The class format uses a gymnastic obstacle course to include these gymnastics events: Parallel bars, tumbling, balance beam and swinging bars. There are also stations that develop gross motor skills like jumps, balance and dance skills. This format gives our students the opportunity to try new skills and progress at their own pace. Our obstacle courses progress throughout the year with our gymnast’s safety and enjoyment in mind.

3-6 year old program

Students are introduced to basic gymnastics skills on both women’s and men’s gymnastics events. We begin and end our class with a warm up and warm down, strengthening gross motor skills. We focus all of their energy into fun, new skills each week. Spatial awareness, motor skill development, imagination and fun come into play in this age group.

6-10 year old program

Students continue to strengthen their basic gymnastics skills while being introduced to more advanced skill with safe progression. Each class begins with a warm up and stretching. Students continue to use both women’s and men’s gymnastics events. Correct tumbling skills are emphasized in this age group. Strength, coordination, flexibility and fun are key here.

Benefits of early childhood Gymnastics classes at Keiki Cartwheels